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A selection of videos from Vita and others on You Tube highlighting symptoms of disease plus a few extras on general beekeeping that we have enjoyed. We will be adding to this video gallery as we capture some good beekeeping moments ourselves and find a few gems from others. One of the older videos mention treatments that are no longer legal in some countries, so please beware! We have included it only because it shows the symptoms of disease well. Use the drop-down menu below to see the different categories. Vita Europe videos — showing how easy it is to use the different Vita products and other company videos.


Beekeepers and growers of horticultural crops, broadacre crops and pastures all benefit from bees visiting flowers. It describes the specific bee stocking rate required for more than sixty plant species and includes a section on making a business agreement between grower and beekeeper. Learn about preparing and maintaining bees so that they are fit for the pollination task.

This book describes bee stocking rate required for more than sixty plant species.

To date, studies on the honey bee gut microbiota show that it affects host nutrition​, weight gain, endocrine signaling, immune function, and.

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The performance of two tasks, wax production and foraging, was compared between colonies founded by prime swarms and afterswarms of honey bees. Workers began foraging at older ages in afterswarms and this delay was generally coupled with a longer duration of wax production. Differences in task performance between swarm types demonstrate the integration of a flexible behavioral caste system into life history.

No relationships were found between swarm population size and ages of task performance, suggesting that breaks in brood rearing and upward shifts in worker age distribution were responsible for delays in the ontogeny of temporal castes in afterswarm-founded colonies. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

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Beekeeping or apiculture is the maintenance of bee colonies, commonly in man-made hives , by humans. Most such bees are honey bees in the genus Apis , but other honey-producing bees such as Melipona stingless bees are also kept. A beekeeper or apiarist keeps bees in order to collect their honey and other products that the hive produce including beeswax , propolis , flower pollen , bee pollen , and royal jelly , to pollinate crops, or to produce bees for sale to other beekeepers.

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Bees and other pollinators, such as butterflies, bats and hummingbirds, are increasingly under threat from human activities. Pollination is, however, a fundamental process for the survival of our ecosystems. Not only do pollinators contribute directly to food security, but they are key to conserving biodiversity. To raise awareness of the importance of pollinators, the threats they face and their contribution to sustainable development, the UN designated 20 May as World Bee Day.

The goal is to strengthen measures aimed at protecting bees and other pollinators, which would significantly contribute to solving problems related to the global food supply and eliminate hunger in developing countries. We all depend on pollinators and it is, therefore, crucial to monitor their decline and halt the loss of biodiversity. The recent COVID pandemic has had an undeniable impact on the beekeeping sector affecting the production, the market and as a consequence, the livelihoods of beekeepers.

This year, World Bee Day focused on bee production and good practices adopted by beekeepers to support their livelihoods and deliver good quality products. To mark the Day, a virtual event – under the theme “Bee Engaged” – highlighted the importance of traditional knowledge related to beekeeping, the use of bee-derived products and services, and their importance in achieving the SDGs. If you missed it, you can watch it here!

To celebrate WorldBeeDay , renowned actors, singers, chefs and media professionals also recorded poems related to bees and beekeeping, some recalling how the behavior of bees so often mirrors that of human beings across our planet. Listen to the poems now and bee inspired. Bees are under threat. Present species extinction rates are to 1, times higher than normal due to human impacts.

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course delves a bit deeper into the life and ecology of the honeybee. It will cover topics such as the Bee Anatomy Exam. Due date will be announced in class.

An essential guide to the health care of honey bees Honey Bee Medicine for the Veterinary Practitioner offers an authoritative guide to honey bee health and hive management. The book covers a wide range of topics including basic husbandry, equipment and safety, anatomy, genetics, the diagnosis and management of disease. Written for veterinary practitioners, veterinary students, veterinary technicians, scientists, and apiarists, Honey Bee Medicine for the Veterinary Practitioner is a comprehensive and practical book on honey bee health.

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Honey Bee Medicine for the Veterinary Practitioner offers an authoritative guide to honey bee health and hive management. Designed for veterinarians and other professionals, the book presents information useful for answering commonly asked questions and for facilitating hive examinations.

It also includes up to date information on Varroa and other bee pests, introduces honey bee pharmacology and toxicology, and addresses native bee ecology. This new resource:.

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Journal Impact Factor contributing items Contact Subscription. Current issue. Online first. Notes to Authors Frequently Asked Questions. The presence of honey bee in the environment has a significant impact on global agricultural production. While searching for pollen and nectar, the bee is often exposed to several contaminants such as plant protection products. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of selected pesticides from various groups fungicides, herbicides, insecticides on the way the bees harvested food as well as on their behavior, survival rate and the concentration of certain elements in the organisms of bee.

The concentration possibly similar to this applied in agriculture and recommended by the manufacturers, were used. The research material was analyzed in terms of the presence of trace elements manganese, copper, iron, nickel, zinc, lead, cadmium of different toxicity. Among the tested pesticides particular attention should be paid to fungicides that are not commonly tested for their effects on the honey organ.

Landscape factors influencing honey bee colony behavior in Southern California commercial apiaries

Pick your preferred language. We speak English and 43 other languages. Check for travel restrictions. Travel might only be permitted for certain purposes, and touristic travel in particular may not be allowed.

Honeybee Keeping Clearance application has been submitted. The notice shall contain the date on which the Honeybee Keeping Clearance will take effect.

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The NAPPC Honey Bee Task Force has several functions, determining each year the recipients of honey bee health grants that have for the past twelve years supported research in honey bee genetics, pesticide exposure, nutrition, and management. In addition, the task force is dedicated to providing the latest findings and perspectives on honey bee health to the public, policy makers and the press.

The following honey bee health issues have been provided by that task force. We hope you find them useful, and we welcome questions and comments to info nappc. So much of our agricultural productivity is dependent on the European honey bee Apris mellifera that it is no wonder that our attention is drawn to their plight. When the honey bee suffers, so does agriculture, and so, potentially do all who depend on the bounty that comes from animal pollinated angiosperms, the flowering plants from which we derive many of our most delicious and health-giving fruits and vegetables.

Population growth and honey yield studies of package bee colonies in Manitoba. II Colonies initiated with four package sizes on one Entomol., 6.

The western honey bee or European honey bee Apis mellifera is the most common of the 7—12 species of honey bees worldwide. Like all honey bee species, the western honey bee is eusocial , creating colonies with a single fertile female or ” queen ” , many normally non-reproductive females or “workers”, and a small proportion of fertile males or ” drones “. Individual colonies can house tens of thousands of bees.

Colony activities are organized by complex communication between individuals, through both pheromones and the dance language. The western honey bee was one of the first domesticated insects, and it is the primary species maintained by beekeepers to this day for both its honey production and pollination activities. With human assistance, the western honey bee now occupies every continent except Antarctica. Because of its wide cultivation, this species is the single most important pollinator for agriculture globally [ citation needed ].

Western honey bees are threatened by pests and diseases , especially the Varroa mite and colony collapse disorder. As of , the western honey bee is listed as Data Deficient on the IUCN Red List , as numerous studies indicate that the species has undergone significant declines in Europe; however, it is not clear if they refer to population reduction of wild or managed colonies.

Further research is required to enable differentiation between wild and non-wild colonies in order to determine the conservation status of the species in the wild. Western honey bees are an important model organism in scientific studies, particularly in the fields of social evolution , learning, and memory; they are also used in studies of pesticide toxicity , to assess non-target impacts of commercial pesticides. The western honey bee can be found on every continent except Antarctica.

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The gut microbiota of the honey bee Apis mellifera offers several advantages as an experimental system for addressing how gut communities affect their hosts and for exploring the processes that determine gut community composition and dynamics. A small number of bacterial species dominate the honey bee gut community. These species are restricted to bee guts and can be grown axenically and genetically manipulated.

Large numbers of microbiota-free hosts can be economically reared and then inoculated with single isolates or defined communities to examine colonization patterns and effects on host phenotypes.

Honey bees feed on floral nectar and pollen that they store in their colonies as honey and bee bread. (Volume publication date January ).

A beekeeper who moves his honeybee colonies from one forage site to another during the productive season does not passively follow a prefixed sequence, but must create one by comparing a wide range of forage sites. How can migratory beekeeper sequence the movements of his honeybee colonies from one forage site to another? The microeconomic model formalized in Section 3 offers a solution to this question.

Each forage site that the honeybee colonies visit contributes not just to the profitability but also to the sustainability of the sequence to which it belongs. Replacing one or more forage sites within a sequence therefore simultaneously affects the levels of profitability and sustainability. In Section 4, the sustainability of the sequence will be explained in terms of the characteristics of the sites, their agro-environmental context, the honey bee well-being and the timing and duration of the placement period of the honeybee colonies on the site.

Beekeeping – New Challenges. The honey bee colony is a moveable organism, which is easy to transport and manage; it is suitable for pollinating a very wide range of wild and cultivated vegetation [ 1 , 2 ]. Thanks to its polylectic nature, the honey bee colony is widely used throughout the world for cross-pollination of crops.

The widespread use of managed honey bee colonies to pollinate crops is a response to the need to compensate for the pollination deficit resulting from the decline in wild pollinating insect populations [ 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 ]. Although growers use managed honey bee colonies, they are able to ensure consistent pollination of their crops, even when adverse climatic conditions limit the pollination range of wild pollinators.

The honey bee colonies must be removed before the resumption of antiparasite treatments on the forage site to avoid harming their health. The commercial pollination service therefore enters the cultivation process at a precise point in time determined by the flowering periods of the crops. The spread of the practice of commercial crop pollination has given rise to a specific market [ 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 ] with prices, that is, with colony rental fees, varying from crop to crop and from year to year [ 12 , 13 , 14 ].